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Public Records Request


The records of the Port of Poulsbo are considered “public records” and are available to all members the public. To gain access to the Port’s records, please following the process below. Thank you!

In accordance with requirements of Chapter 42.56 RCW that agencies prevent unreasonable invasions of privacy, protect public records from damage or disorganization, and prevent excessive interference with essential functions of the agency, public records may be inspected or copies of such records may be obtained, by members of the public, upon compliance with the following procedures:

  • All requests for existing public records shall be directed to the Public Records Officer (PRO).

  • A signed, written request is required for, but not limited to:

    • All requests in which the response may exceed ten (10) pages,

    • Any request for oversized documents,

    • Any request that is not for a specifically identified document

    • Any request for a document that has portions that may be exempt from disclosure,

    • Any request for a list of names, and

    • Any request concerning a topic that is the subject of a current or anticipated legal claim or litigation matter.

  • A written request helps the Port make sure that the requester gets all the records that requester has asked for, and assists in assuring that any decision to withhold records is properly made and that the copying charges are accurate. Refusal to submit a written request may delay the process by necessitating additional correspondence to clarify the request.

  • It is encouraged that the requester makes a written request for public records on the Request for Public Records form provided by the Port. A uniform form is available from the PRO. The form is also available at the Port’s website as stated in Section 5. The requester may also submit a written e-mail or letter that contains the information listed in below in Section 6(f).

  • The requester’s written request should include the following information:

    • Your name, address, and other contact information, including telephone number and any e-mail address.

    • The date and time you submit your request.

    • A clear indication that you are requesting public records pursuant to the Public Records Act, such as a document heading or title such as “A Public Records Request”, to help make sure that the request is handled promptly. Requests for public records should not be combined with communications for other purposes. An e-mail request should contain the subject line “A Public Records Request.”

    • Whether the requester wants to inspect the public records or get copies, or both.

    • A clear description of the public records wanted so that the PRO and staff can find the records. The description should, if possible, include the subject matter and date or time period of creation of the records, if known.

    • If the request is for a list of names and/or addresses, a signed statement that the list will not be used for any commercial purposes.

  • The PRO will make a reasonable effort to assist the requester in identifying and describing the requested documents.

  • There is no obligation to provide duplicate copies of a public record.

  • Public records are available for inspection and copying during normal business hours of Port offices, Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (except legal holidays)

Public Records Request Form
Full Public Records Request Policy

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