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Comp Plan 2021 to 2026 (PDF)


Message to the Community


The Commissioners and staff of the Poulsbo Port District are pleased to present this draft of our Comprehensive Plan, which was developed according to state guidelines, with input from citizens, other stakeholders, staff and the Commissioners. It was developed with a strong reference to the history of the Port District, our current state of affairs and future goals.

The Port District has undergone significant changes in recent years, including; formulation of a focused mission statement and identification of key port values; creation or update of important port policies; establishment of port financial reserve accounts; planned funding for capital improvements; new commissioners and staff; and significant engagement with city and community interest groups.

The Port District is financially secure and intends to remain so, with careful planning preceding expenditure of port funds and reference to our mission and values. There are a number of very large capital improvement projects for our community on the horizon, including; eventual replacement of the harbor breakwater; stabilization of the slumping downtown waterfront and dredging to maintain essential Liberty Bay waterways among others. The exact cost of these projects is certainly going to be tallied in millions of dollars. The careful work the Port District has done with regard to organization and finances will greatly assist in obtaining financing and grants for these critical projects.

The Poulsbo marina continues to be a jewel of the Northwest, well used by the local and visiting public. The harbor and marina are an integral part of the Liberty Bay community and economy. The staff is doing a great job maintaining and improving our facility and service. Marina guests and visitors generate millions of dollars yearly in direct local economic activity, supporting business and contributing to the local tax base.

Washington State Port Districts are meant to provide far more than quality marinas and boating opportunities. Ports are mandated by state law to support appropriate economic and community development. A planned expansion of the

Port’s main commercial dock will provide an exceptional increase in public access to the waterfront, and provide an economic stimulus through increased use of marina facilities and more local visitors. Additional opportunities exist to improve parking and traffic circulation in the district, and to support property development that will benefit the community.

In our Port District we see protection of the downtown waterfront, bay and harbor as essential to the life and livelihood of the Liberty Bay Community. In concert with our mission and values, the port serves as a steward of the Liberty Bay Community, promoting environmental preservation and restoration, improved public access and public spaces. The port will receive a Clean Marina certification this year, we continue to remove creosote pilings and assist with derelict boat removal. A clean Liberty Bay is our goal. Our main moorage ramp and gate are completely reworked and ADA compliant. Creation of additional public space near the waterfront is a particular focus for the port.

Ports are in a unique position to be the citizen’s voice in matters of local, state and federal policy. Port Districts were specifically created to protect property rights, and will not burden the citizens with additional regulation. Currently the port district includes only about half of the city of Poulsbo, and little else of the environs of the Liberty Bay Community. The board supports annexation of the rest of the City of Poulsbo and the community around the shores of Liberty Bay. This will give representation to those now not allowed a vote in the future of the Port District and will more fairly share the cost of protecting and improving the beautiful area we all enjoy.

As we move forward, we welcome input from all in our community. There are great challenges and exciting opportunities ahead for the Liberty Bay community, the Port District and City of Poulsbo. We are sure that working together and focusing on the best interests of citizens of the district we can accomplish our goals.

Thanks for your support!

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