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Thank you for your interest in the Port of Poulsbo Volunteer Guest Host Program! The program was established in an effort to provide superior customer service to people visiting Poulsbo by boat. It is implemented from Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekend. This description provides information regarding expectations and duties of volunteers participating in the program.

Volunteer Expectations

  • Be CPR/First Aid/AED certified

  • Have a working cell phone

  • Be familiar with fire extinguisher use

  • Have VHF radio (fixed and handheld)

  • Be physically capable of performing the functions

  • Have a friendly, outgoing personality

  • Have a vessel no longer than 45′, with a draft of no more than 4′

  • Be available to marina guests from 4pm to 9pm

  • Be familiar with Poulsbo Marina regulations

Volunteer Duties

Duties to be performed by volunteers include, but are not limited to:


  • Providing guests with access code to bath house facilities

  • Performing after-hours dock walks and record new arrivals

  • Maintaining a written log of any after-hours incidents (i.e. falls, fights, collisions, broken property, vandalism, etc.)

  • Reporting suspicious behavior to Poulsbo PD and Port Manager

  • Housing the Port’s AED unit and making it available as needed

  • Issuing first aid materials as needed

  • Helping guest contact emergency assistance as needed

  • Assisting guests with line handling during docking process

  • Distributing boater bags

  • Answering questions about the area regarding grocery stores, restaurants, activities, bus schedules, taxi service, etc.

Port Responsibilities

  • Provide training

  • Provide AED and First Aid supplies

  • Provide handheld VHF radio

  • Provide L & I volunteer coverage (medical only) for injury or occupational disease incurred in performing authorized duties.

  • Provide liability coverage for volunteers acting within the scope of their official duties


Application Process


  • Potential volunteer has initial conversation with Port staff about the opportunity, application process, responsibilities and any requirements.

  • Volunteer supervisor provides applicant with any required application forms and materials.

  • Volunteer completes application materials and submits them to the volunteer supervisor.

  • Volunteer supervisor reviews the application materials for completeness and may schedule a follow-up screening interview/conversation with the applicant if needed.

  • Volunteer supervisor reviews all application materials, consults with other Port staff as necessary, makes decision and then notifies applicant of their acceptance or denial.


Interested? Call (360) 779-9905 ext. 1

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