Transient Moorage Rates

2018 Rates

2018 Rate Sheet

***Transient, Winter & Summer Moorage*** 
Moorage Charge
$4.52 Per foot
$0.58 Leasehold Tax
$3.25 Electrical Charge
$.22 Cap Imp Sur
$8.57 Total-Per foot/Per Month
$25 per month for Dinghy Storage
.09 per kwh Electricity Charge
Other Charges
Paper Statement Fee (per monthly statement) $5.00
Wait List Fee $25.00
Keycard Deposit $35.00
Charge for not returning Keycard $35.00
Daily Tidal Grid Rate (per day)
– Current Port Tenant $25.00
Tow Charge
– Current Port Tenant $25.00
Late Fee (or 10% of balance, whichever is greater) $20.00
Processing Fee $100.00
Second Processing Fee $200.00
Liveaboard Fee $71.65
Liveaboard Fee – New Residents as of 1/1/2016 $101.42
Maintenance Fee ** (one hour minimum) $50.00 (per man hour + materials costs)
After hours Maintenance Fee ** (one hour minimum) $75.00 (per man hour + materials costs)
NSF Check Charge $50.00
Pet Clean-up Fee $50.00
Illegal Garbage Dump Fee $524.00
Convenience Fee 2.4% of moorage
Environmental surcharge $0.75/month
**Maintenance Fee is an hourly rate charged for dewatering or securing boats, repairs to Port facilities, and any other maintenance as deemed necessary due to lack of response, carelessness, neglect, and damage caused by Marina patrons.