Port Enlargement



What the Port of Poulsbo does for you

  • Provides the greatest public access to Liberty Bay in Poulsbo.
  • Serves as an economic engine for the community.
  • Provides a voice for citizens on Poulsbo and Liberty Bay Community issues.
  • Working to increase public space, waterfront access and downtown parking.
  • Performs as environmental steward for the Liberty Bay community.
  • Works to preserve property values of district residents.


Current and future Port projects include

  • Construction of a public community dock.
  • Replacement of the breakwater protecting the downtown shoreline and marina.
  • On-going creosote piling removal.
  • Enhancement of the Poulsbo Seaplane Base.
  • Rehabilitation of Poulsbo’s only public boat launch.

Facts about Port Enlargement Initiative

  • Will increase the Port District by 2,262 residences, allowing for greater citizen input.
  • Will increase tax revenues for the Port District by approximately $147,000.
  • Will increase taxes for the average household in the proposed enlargement area by approximately $65.
  • Will enable the Port District for finance critical projects, such as replacement of the breakwater protecting the downtown shoreline.
  • Will NOT impose additional regulations on district residents.

For the legal description of the proposed enlargement area, CLICK HERE.