Guest Moorage Rates

2019 Rates

2019 Rate Sheet

***Guest Moorage***
(Note: rate is based off whichever is longer, slip length or boat length.
Minimum slip lengths are 30′, larger slips are marked otherwise)
Moorage Charge
$1.00/footOct 1 – Apr 30
$1.15/footMay 1 – Sept 30
$1.25/foot3 days in connection with Memorial Day, July 4th
and Labor Day
$0.75/visitEnvironmental Surcharge
4-Hour Stay
$5.00          30′ slips
 $10.00       slips greater than 30′
Rental Equipment
Isolation Transformer                        $25.00 per Day
Pop Up Tent (10 x 20)$25.00 per Day
BBQ Grill$5.00 per Day (includes propane)
Shore Power Adapter                          $5.00Per Day
Reservation Fee$5.00
Other Charges
Tow Charge
– Non Port Tenant$50.00
Maintenance Fee ** (one hour minimum)$50.00 (per man hour + materials costs)
After hours Maintenance Fee ** (one hour minimum)$75.00 (per man hour + materials costs)
Illegal Garbage Dump Fee$524.00
Guest Moorage Late Fee (first occurrence)$50.00
Guest Moorage Late Fee (second occurrence)$150.00
**Maintenance Fee is an hourly rate charged for dewatering or securing boats, repairs to Port facilities, and any other maintenance as deemed necessary due to lack of response, carelessness, neglect, and damage caused by Marina patrons.